VI International Symposium on Self-Propagating
High-Temperature Synthesis


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single double
Holiday Inn  US$ 100  US$ 120
Nof  US$ 75  US$ 85
Marom  US$ 45  US$ 65

The price is per room per night and includes breakfast.
The above quoted rates are discount prices and can only be guaranteed for reservations made before January 1, 2002. Full prepayment (in US dollars, by check or bank transfer to the account of the symposium) is requested at the time of reservation.


Cancellations of hotel reservations made more than 10 days prior to the arrival date will be free of charge. Cancellations made less than 10 days prior to the arrival date will be charged one night's fees.

Bank transfer:
Bank Leumi, Branch 875 - Technion, Haifa, 32000, Israel
Account Number 32750/36 (International Symposium SHS-2001 Technion Account 86919300)

Check in US$ payable to:
Technion-IIT, Account Number 32750/36 (SHS-2001)


For Example:
Arrival date: February 17, 2002
Departure date: February 21, 2002
Hotel: Nof
Rooms: 2 singles

TOTAL FEES ENCLOSED: 4 (nights) x 2 (singles) x $75 = $600

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Dr. Irena Gotman
Faculty of Materials Engineering
Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa 32000, Israel

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