Working meeting of the Organizing Committee
of the VII International Symposium on SHS
(Cracow, Poland, July 6-9, 2003)

VII Symposium on SHS: Working Meeting...
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The working meeting of the Organizing Committee of the VII International Symposium on SHS (to be held in Cracow, Poland, July 2003) took place at ISMAN on October 28, 2002 (

The previous Symposia have been held in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan, 1991), Honolulu (USA, 1993), Wuhan (China, 1995), Toledo (Spain, 1997), Moscow (Russia, 1999), and Haifa (Israel, 2002).

Cracow has been selected as a host of the VII Symposium in recognition of achievements of the Polish SHS research: Cracow University of Mining and Metallurgy has become a worldwide center of research in the field of materials science and ceramics.

The meeting with participation of Prof. A.G. Merzhanov, (Chairman SHS-2003), Prof. R. Pampuch (Academician of the Polish Academy of Science) and Prof. J. Lis (Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics) discussed the scientific program, a scope of social events, and numerous current details. To date, 133 application forms have already been submitted from 16 countries all around the globe: Japan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus', Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Great Britain, USA, and Chili. It is planned to include several invited lectures by distinguished experts in the allied fields of materials science and synthesis of advanced materials.

Since Cracow is a well-known tourist-attracting European city, very interesting social events will be prepared for Symposium participants. In particular, it is planned to visit salt-mines with a banquet at a depth about 100 m.

Alexander E. Sytschev
Coordinator SHS-2003