Development of Reactive Rapid Prototyping for Intermetallics

Y.Miyamotoa, J.H.Oha, S.Kirihra, K.Matsuurab, M.Kudohb
aJoining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University
bDivision of Materials Science and Engineering, Hokkaido University

 Yoshinari Miyamoto  
Yoshinari Miyamoto
Professor of Materials Science
Research Center for Materials Recycling and Integration
Joining and Welding Research Institute
Osaka University

A new freeform fabrication method for intermetallics named Reactive Rapid Prototyping (RRP), which combines combustion synthesis and rapid prototyping, has been developed. Small droplets of molten aluminum ejected on to the nickel powder bed on the moving x-y-z stage form and simultaneously join hot nickel aluminide beads eventually building up the 3D object. The RRP is systematically controlled by computer. When it is linked with Internet, the remote fabrication process called Cybermaterials Engineering can be developed. The process control of reactive rapid prototyping for nickel aluminides, and freeform fabrication for aluminum through internet will be reported.