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Russian–French cooperation in SHS research

On April 21-22, 2005, a French delegation comprising of Dr. Patrick Le Fort, Directeur Bureau CNRS de Moscou, Dr. George Ryschenkow, Attache French Embassy, and T. G. Mironoskaya, Assistant, visited the Research Center in Chernogolovka to discuss the state-of-art in the Russian-French cooperation and perspectives for establishing the Innovation Center in Chernogolovka.

A good example of cooperation between our countries is the joint research work of ISMAN and the French group for SHS research. This work was initiated in 2002, at the VI International Symposium on SHS (Haifa, Israel), when Prof. A. Merzhanov (ISMAN, Russia) and Prof. F. Bernard (Dijon, France) came to the idea of close bilateral cooperation between the Russian and French scientists. As a first step, it was decided to hold a bilateral workshop.

In September 2002, ISMAN was visited by Prof. Jean-Claude Gachon as a representative of the Groupe Francais d’Autocombustion (

In November 2002, Dr. A. S. Rogachev and Dr. A. E. Grigoryan had a working meeting (in Paris) with representatives of GDR 2391 CNRS, French group for SHS research. It was decided to hold a bilateral French-Russian Workshop on SHS in Chernogolovka.

This was held at ISMAN (Chernogolovka, Russia) on October 6-8, 2003. It was co-organized by ISMAN and Groupe Francais d’Autocombustion under the aegis of the World Academy of Ceramics, International SHS Association, and French Embassy in Moscow. The French delegation headed by Prof. J.-C. Niepce comprised of 12 representatives from different French universities (at Nancy, Poitiers, Lyon, Limoges, Paris, etc.) united into a team for SHS research (

The Russian delegation comprised of the representatives of ISMAN, Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics (Chernogolovka), Institute of Steel and Alloys (Moscow), Bauman Technical University (Moscow), Tomsk Research Center (Tomsk), and Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry (Novosibirsk).

The workshop has revealed the areas of mutual interest: external influences on SHS, mechanoactivation, time-resolved XRD, combustion of thin films, deposition of coatings, and controlled structuring of SHS products.

In conclusion, Acad. A. G. Merzhanov and Prof. J. C. Niepce signed an agreement on mutual cooperation that makes provision for (1) basic research in the field of structural macrokinetics, (2) joint R&D of new materials (including nanophased and foam materials), (3) joint elaboration of new processes and facilities, (4) setting up a European Laboratory for SHS research, and (5) organization of joint ventures for manufacturing SHS products in Russia and France.

The Project is coordinated by Prof. F. Bernard and Dr. Ŕ. Ĺ. Sytschev. Research on new ceramics SHS-produced under gas pressure is supervised by Prof. I. P. Borovinskaya and Prof. R.-M. Marïn-Ayral, that on thin films and coatings by Dr. A. S. Rogachev and Prof. J.-C. Gachon, and that on mechanoactivated SHS of alloys by Prof. A. G. Merzhanov and Prof. F. Bernard.

In past three years, the bilateral cooperation has become regular: in 2003, Dr. H. E. Grigoryan carried out joint research work with the group of Prof. J.-C. Gachon at the Henry Poincare University in Nancy (using the LURE synchrotron at Orsay).

In 2004, this work was continued at the synchrotron in Novosibirsk (Russia). In 2003-2005, A. E. Grigoryan, A. S. Rogachev, and A. E. Sytschev visited Dijon, Lyon, and Nancy, while J.-C. Gachon, J. C. Niepce, and S. Paris visited ISMAN etc.

We are also looking for the visits of Prof. S. Dubois (Poitiers) and D. Vrel (Paris) to Chernogolovka. Recently, Dr. V. V. Grachev (ISMAN) has carried out a joint research with N. Pradeilles (Montpellier); it is planned to continue this work in France.

Besides, ISMAN and the French SHS group participate in other European research projects. In February 2005, Ŕ. G. Merzhanov, A. S. Rogachev, and A. E. Sytschev, had a discussion (in Moscow) with P. Le Fort on the possible involvement of ISMAN into the CNRS Project of International Scientific Cooperation (PICS) and on possible resources for financing.

Among other things, Dijon has been discussed as a potential host city for the IX International Symposium on SHS in 2007.