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BARCVisit of ISMAN Delegation to BARC


Under the Integrated Long Term Program of Cooperation in Science and Technology between India and Russia (ILTP), the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India has approved a project on Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS), code No. A-2(a).16.

Under the terms of this agreement, Dr. A. Rogachev, Principal Investigator (Russia) and Dr. A. Sytschev, Project Member, both from the collaborating organization-Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science (ISMAN), Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Moscow, Russia-undertook exchange visit for a period of six days between 18.01.2001 and 23.01.2001 to the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai and met their Indian counterparts Dr. S.K. Roy and Mr. A. Biswas.

A premier versatile, technological and multi-disciplinary nuclear research center of India having an infrastructure of advanced Research and Development facilities covers the entire spectrum of Nuclear Science and Engg ranging from particle physics, nuclear engg, isotope technology, nuclear agriculture, computers, and robotics to information technology.

The major objective of the broad spectrum of activities at BARC is primarily to provide Research and Development support needed to sustain India's nuclear power program in relation to concepts, designs, materials, reliability, and safety. BARC also initiates and sustains research and development activities in all newly emerging areas of nuclear and allied sciences and technology to keep India abreast with the advanced nations in these frontier areas. A versatile infrastructure of research and development facilities and a highly trined scientific and technical manpower have been developed in this technological self-reliant, multi-disciplinary, and premier nuclear research center of India. Presently BARC's expertise covers the entire spectrum of science and technology ranging from

  • Particle physics
  • Advanced Materials and Processing
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Isotope technology
  • Radiation medicine
  • Nuclear agriculture
  • Computers Robotics & Information technology.
  • In past years, the Center has become active in SHS research aiming at development and characterization of new SHS-produced materials.

    During the visit, the data obtained at BARC for some samples supplied by ISMAN were overviewed. The program of research to be pursued during the current year 2001 was outlined. In particular, it includes inter-laboratory studies on the mechanism of wetting, structure formation, and evolution of microstructure during combustion in the Ti-Cu, Ti-Ni, and Ti-Al systems using particle-foil technique. Reactions will be carried out in ISMAN and the products will be characterized by using a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) at BARC.

    During this visit, Dr. Rogachev and Dr. Sytschev participated in the Discussion on SHS PROCESSING held at BARC on 19.01.2001 and presented two lectures entitled SHS under Microgravity Conditions (by Dr. Sytschev) and Study of the Mechanisms of SHS Processes (by Dr. Rogachev). These presentations were highly appreciated. Representatives of other BARC departments, other Indian research centers (ARCI, Hyderabad; NMRL, Ambernath, Maharashtra), and manufacturers (The Associated Cement Companies Ltd., AIMIL Ltd., National Industries Ltd., Mumbai) also took part in the meeting. From the Indian side, the following presentations have been made: Dr. A.K. Chatterjee (Industrial Exploration of SHS Processing-Is it too distant?), Dr. Y.R. Mahajan (SHS Activity at ARCI), Dr. A.K. Shah (SHS Processing Activities at NMRL), Dr. G.K. Dey (Micropyretic Synthesis of Intermetallic Compounds), Dr. J. Sabrahmanyam (SHS of Powders and Composites), Dr. S.K. Roy (Experimental Investigations of Processing by SHS), Dr. A. Biswas (Microstructure to Mechanisms), Dr. S. Ramanathan (Solution Combustion Synthesis). The workshop was crowned with vivid discussions.

    There was a special meeting with the research group on Materials Science at BARC. and extensive discussions were held with Dr. S. Banerjee, Associate Director, Materials Group. Dr. Rogachev and Dr. Sytschev visited the laboratory of Materials Science Division and had discussions with scientists from various research teams.