X Council on International Long-Term Program (ILTP) of Cooperation between Russia and India

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At the ILTP Session
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Ambassador S.K.Lambah at ISMAN exhibition
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Signing a protocol
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Reception at the Indian Embassy
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Farewell banquet

The X Council on realization of ILTP was held at ISMAN on June 13-14, 2001. This is one of largest international projects signed by R. Gandhi and M. Gorbachev back in 1987. Besides the Academy of Sciences, the project also involves a number of leading ministries, enterprises, and universities.

The Session was presided by academician G.I. Marchuk and Prof. C.N.R. Rao. The session on June 13 discussed the destiny of more than 100 projects with participation of 200 Indian and 150 Russian research institutions.

The choice of Chernogolovka as a host is associated with the fact that SHS research is active in India, especially as concerning the SHS-produced filters for purification of water suggested by ISMAN. Other directions of cooperation in the field of SHS has been outlined: the production of ferrites and also the ZrB2 and ZrB2-Al2O3 powders.

During the visit, the participants visited some ISMAN laboratories and other institutes in Chernogolovka, Indian Embassy, and had a sightseeing in Moscow.