A. G. Merzhanov's anniversary

 A. G. Merzhanov  
A. G. Merzhanov

Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science, RAS celebrated the 70th anniversary of its Director academician A. G. Merzhanov.

On November 27, his colleagues, kin, and friends congratulated him on the occasion of his birthday. He accepted everyone who wanted to wish many happy returns of the day in his office (photo 1, photo 2). He would drink a symbolic wineglass of the genuine Armenian cognac with each guest. All of them gathered for an open buffet (more than 300 persons) (photo 1, photo 2).

A. G. Merzhanov was sent a lot of congratulatory telegrams by many famous people. Among them: V. V. Putin, President of Russia; M. V. Baglai, Chairman of the RF Constitutional Court; B. V. Gromov, Governor of Moscow region; N. A. Plate, Vice-President of RAS; G. F. Tereshchenko, Vice-Minister of Industry, Science, and Technology; academician B. V. Paton, et al. His foreign colleagues – B. Matkowsky, J. Pussynski, R. Pampuch, R. Z. Yuan, Y. Miyamoto, and many others – also sent their hearty compliments.

On November 30, the jubilee meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute was held. The guests – members of the Academy and directors of institutes took part in it. The vice-chairman of the Council professor Yu. A. Gordopolov opened it with introductory words. A. G. Merzhanov delivered a 40-minute report "ISMAN: seven principles of its development". He offered his opinion on the development of the Institute in the nearest future. After that the guests congratulated academician A. G. Merzhanov on his birthday. E. N. Borisov, Mayor of Chernogolovka awarded A. G. Merzhanov with a status of the "Honorable Citizen of Chernogolovka" (with no.4 Certificate). The meeting was finished with a dinner party by the toastmaster being academician Yu. A. Ossipyan. It was the end of the celebration and the beginning of the everyday life.