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SHS Welding
Refractory Single Crystal Growth
Electro Thermal Explosion

PSPCP Lab - Publications

Main Publications
  • M.A.Ponomarev, A.S.Steinberg, S.N.Sclyarov, The Production of Single Crystal from SHS TiB2. // Proceeding of the First US-Japanese Workshop on Combustion Synthesis. - Tokyo, Japan, - 1990. - P.97-99
  • M.A.Ponomarev and A.S.Shteinberg, On the formation of dissipation structures at powder densification, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 1991, v. 318 (1), p.155-159
  • M.A.Ponomarev, Yu.A.Sapronov, and A.S.Shteinberg, Experimental estimation of impurity-gas pressure during condensed-system combustion in a cylindrical shell, Fiz. Gor. Vzryva, 1996, v. 32 (3), p.53-58
  • A.S.Shteinberg, M.A.Ponomarev, V.A.Raduchev et al. Growth of Single Crystals of Refractory SHS Products, //Internat.Journal of SHS. - 1995. - V.4. - N2. - p.149-157
  • M.A.Ponomarev, V.A.Shcherbakov, and A.S.Shteinberg, The specific features of combustion of thin layers of the powder mixture titanium-boron, Dokl. RAN, 1995, v. 340 (5), p.642-645
  • A.N.Emel'yanov, V.P.Kobyakov, V.I.Ponomarev, M.A.Ponomarev, T.G.Utkina, and A.S.Shteinberg, Production of Titanium Diboride Single Crystals and Examination of Their Transport Properties, // Journal of Advanced Materials, 1996, N1, p.16-19

  • V.A.Shcherbakov, A.S.Shteinberg "SHS Welding of Refractory Materials", International Journal of Self-Propagation High-Temperature Synthesis, vol. 2, N4, 1993, p.357-369
  • V.A.Shcherbakov "The Mechanisms of Combustion and Structure Formation of the Final Product in the Titanium-Carbon Black System", International Journal of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis, vol. 5, N2, 1996, p.119-143
  • V.A.Shcherbakov, A.G.Merzhanov "Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis of cermet foam". Dokl. Akad. Nauk, 1997, Vol. 354, (3), p.346-349
  • V.A.Shcherbakov, A.G.Merzhanov "SHS of Cermet Foam Material", Proceedings of the Joint Xth European and VIth Russian Symposium on Physical Sciences in Microgravity, St. Petersburg, Russia, 15-21 June 1997. In Two Volumes. Volume I, Moscow Russia, 1997, p.393-396
Recent Publications (1998-99)
  • M.A.Ponomarev, Yu.A.Sapronov, and A.S.Shteinberg, Shape-formation in the processes of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of foams, Fiz. Gor. Vzryva, 1998, no.3, p.121-122
  • M.A.Ponomarev, Yu.A.Sapronov, Plasma-arc melting growth stabilization for refractory single crystal preparation from SHS products, "Ogneupory i Tekhnicheskaya keramika", 1999, no.2
  • M.A.Ponomarev, Yu.A.Sapronov, and A.S.Shteinberg, SHS-produced Rods for Growing Single Crystals by the Method of Plasma Arc Melting, Intl. J. SHS, 1999, no.1
  • M.A.Ponomarev and Yu.A.Sapronov, Production of highly porous materials by SHS of long-sized samples in combustible shells, Intl. J. SHS, 1999, no.2
  • A.N.Emel'yanov, T.G.Utkina, M.A.Ponomarev, V.P.Kobyakov, and A.S.Shteinberg, Termophysical Properties of Single Crystal Refractory Interstitial Alloys // High Temperatures - High Pressures, 1999, Vol.31, no.1, p.29-36

  • A.G.Merzhanov, V.A.Shcherbakov, V.V.Zakorzhevsky, "Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of High-Porosity Foam Ceramics", Abstract of 9th International Conference on Modern Materials and Technologies (CIMTEC”98). Wold Ceramics Congress and Forum on New Materials. Florence, Italy, 14th-19th June, 1998, p.49
  • V.A.Shcherbakov, A.G.Merzhanov, "Structure Formation in porous Materials Produced by Gravity-sensitive SHS", J. Combustion Science Technology, 1998, Vol. 136, p.253-277
  • A.G.Merzhanov, A.S.Rogachev, V.N.Sanin, V.A.Shcherbakov, A.E.Sytchev, and V.I.Yukhvid, "Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) Under Microgravity", Joint 1st Pan-Pacific Basin Workshop and 4th Japan-China Workshop on Microgravity Sciences Proceedings J. Japan Society Microgravity Application, Vol. 15, Supplement II, 1998, p.550-555