Under construction in English SHS Welding Refractory Single Crystal Growth Electro Thermal Explosion
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SHS Welding
Refractory Single Crystal Growth
Electro Thermal Explosion

PSPCP Lab Experimental Facilities

  • Plasma-Arc Installation for Single Crystal Growth of the Refractory Compounds
    The installation allows to grow (through the Plasma Arc Melting by the modified Verneuil method) large single crystals and molded polycrystalline ingots of the refractory compounds. The raw material for melting can be used in form of long-sized rods or powder.
  • Device for Producing Long-Sized Uniform Compacts
    Device allows producing highly uniform compacts from the powder and powder mixtures pressed into long-sized shells. The method of subsequent portion-by-portion pressing is realized.
  • Installation for Research of High-Speed High-Temperature Reacting Conversions and Exothermic Chemical Reactions in Condensed Systems by an Electro Thermal Explosion Method (ETE)
    The installation permits to study a macrokinetic of processes of burning and explosion in heterogeneous condensed reactable mixes. High speeds of self-heating permits without preliminary models to receive quantitative significances of thermodynamic parameters from a non-stationary equation of the thermal balance.
  • Installation of SHS-Welding
  • Installation of High Frequence Heating
  • Test Bench for Dynamics Research