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Pleased to inform that the oncoming XIII International Symposium on Explosive Production of New Materials: Science, Technology, Business and Innovations (EPNM-2016) will be held in Coimbra, Portugal, June 20–24, 2016.


The meeting will be organized by Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) and the Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics (ADAI) of the University of Coimbra (Portugal).


The Symposium topics outline recent advancements in explosion/combustion-aided production of materials as an important branch of modern science and technology. The event will be a meeting place for scientists and engineers active in the field of shock- and detonation-assisted synthesis/modification of materials, explosive strengthening and welding of metals, and explosion-mediated consolidation of powders and composite materials.

The symposium will be held in University of Coimbra located in the historical part of the city.


The Organizing Committee of EPNM-2016 is looking forward to seeing in Coimbra the attendants from the previous Symposia held in Russia, the Netherlands, Montenegro, France, and Poland. Warm welcome will be given also to new members of the international community involved in explosive production of materials.


Join us in Coimbra to have fruitful discussion on the latest achievements in the field. Our symposium is the best place for establishing new and strengthening existing links between scientists, engineers, and business managers from various countries.


Welcome to Coimbra! Bem-vindo a Coimbra!