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Released a new issue of Int. J. SHS

International Journal of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis, Vol. 22, No. 1, 2013

  • Theory of Propagation Limits for Infiltration-Mediated Combustion in the Absence of External Gas Supply
    V. V. Grachev
    pp. 1–4
  • Gasless Combustion in Two-Layer Structures: A Theoretical Model
    V. G. Prokof'ev and V. K. Smolyakov
    pp. 5–10
  • Carbon Combustion Synthesis of Oxides: Effect of Mach, Peclet, and Reynolds Numbers on Gas Dynamics
    A. A. Markov, I. A. Filimonov, and K. S. Martirosyan
    pp. 11–17
  • Non-Isothermal Phenomena in the Mo/Si Diffusion Couple: Reaction Kinetics and Structure Formation
    S. L. Kharatyan, H. A. Chatilyan, M. A. Aghayan, and M. A. Rodriguez
    pp. 18–26
  • SHS Reaction in Zn–S Powder Blends under Quasi-Isostatic Pressure
    V. Yu. Barinov, A. V. Poletaev, and V. A. Shcherbakov
    pp. 27–31
  • Combustion Synthesis of Borate Phosphors for Use in Plasma Display Panels and Mercury-Free Fluorescent Lamps
    P. A. Nagpure and S. K. Omanwar
    pp. 32–36
  • Preparation of CaF2:U Phosphor by Solid-State Metathesis REaction
    S. S. Pote, C. P. Joshi, S. V. Moharil, P. L. Muthal, and S. M. Dhopte
  • The Effect of Aluminum Substitution on the Mechanically Induced Self-Sustaining Reaction of Molybdenum–Silicon Powders
    L. Takacs
    pp. 41–45
  • SHS Joining in the Ti–Si–C System: Structure of Transition Layer
    S. G. Vadchenko, O. D. Boyarchenko, A. E. Sytschev, and N. V. Sachkova
    pp. 46–51
  • Load-Assisted SHS Joining of NiAl to Ni
    A. E. Sytschev, D. Vrel, O. D. Boyarchenko, S. G. Vadchenko, and N. V. Sachkova
    pp. 52–55
  • Behavior of the Ti–Al System during Mechanical Activation
    D. Yu. Kovalev and N. A. Kochetov
    pp. 56–59
  • Thermal Explosion in Various Ni–Al Systems
    S. G. Vadchenko, O. D. Boyarchenko, N. F. Shkodich, and A. S. Rogachev
    (13 pp., incl. text 4, figs. 9)
  • Influence of Granulation on Combustion of Ti + 0.5C Mixtures
    B. S. Seplyarskii, A. G. Tarasov, and R. A. Kochetkov
    pp. 60–64