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School students of the School № 75 visited ISMAN with a guided tour

On May 31, 2019 an introductory tour was organized for the school students of the Municipal Educational Institution Comprehensive Secondary School № 75 from the creative laboratory under the guidance of the researcher of ISMAN Khomenko N.Y.

M.V. Zakharova held an interesting and informative conversation with the school students in the exhibition hall of ISMAN, having told them about discovering by the academician A.G. Merzhanov together with his colleagues the phenomenon of solid flame, its advantages and opportunities, also told about the main directions of the Institute, new materials and products made by SHS methods. The senior researcher Saykov I.V. told the children in the laboratory of shock-wave processes about the theory and practice of the use of energy of explosives for scientific and technological purposes. Of great interest was the technology of explosion welding which allows to obtain multilayer metal materials with the unique combination of properties. The leading researcher S.V. Konovalikhin told the children in the laboratory of X-ray structural studies about the history of discovery of X-rays, showed diffractometers, told about their principle of operation and capabilities, as well as about the unique method of time-resolved X-ray diffraction developed at the Institute. The school students have pleasantly realized in ISMAN that even such destructive processes as combustion and explosion can be aimed at the creation of new materials and products.