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ISMAN Postgraduate Student Certification held on Postgraduate Student Day

The interim certification of the ISMAN postgraduate students, a part of the International Postgraduate Student Day activities, was held on the 20th of January.

In his welcoming remarks, the Director of the Institute, a corresponding member of the RAS, Prof. Mikhail I. Alymov, emphasized the importance and necessity of giving presentations to colleagues by the postgraduate students. Prof. Olga I. Levchenko, Ph.D., of the Postgraduate School appraised the first-year postgraduate students of the imminent start of a new "Pedagogy of Higher Education" class in the upcoming term.

19 postgraduate students reported on their work performed during the past winter term. As a result, all of them were certified by the certification committee members. As a representative of the committee, Prof. Vladimir I. Yukhvid inferred that much work has been done. He expressed hope that all postgraduate students would successfully continue their research under the leadership of their supervisors and would consider all the comments and suggestions made by the committee. Additional comments were made by Dr. Boris S. Seplyarskii, Head of Laboratory, Combustion of Dispersed Systems, and Prof. Alexander M. Stolin, Head of Laboratory, Plastic Deformation of Materials. Both highly praised the excellent results presented by the postgraduate students.